Homemade Jams

Summer doesn't feel complete without at least one berry picking trip and a batch of homemade jam.  Now you can have the fresh berries in a jam, without waiting until next summer! 

All of our jams are lower in sugar than traditional jams and are made without traditional pectin, which is derived from GMO corn or apples.  When pectin is necessary, we use a citrus base called "Ponoma Pectin" or we make our own pectin with citrus such as limes or oranges.

Blueberry-Lime Jam - $5.50/8 oz jar

Four Simple Ingredients: Blueberries, sugar, lime juice and zest.

A classic blueberry jam, without large quantities of sugar and without pectin.

Strawberry Meyer Lemon Jam - $6.00/8 oz jar

Three Simple Ingredients: Strawberries, Meyer lemons, organic sugar

What is a Meyer Lemon?  They are a cross between a regular lemon and an orange. They’re not as sour as regular lemons, and their peels are smooth, thin and not as bitter. They make wonderful marmalade or jam.  The Strawberry Meyer Lemon Jam brings back summer memories of strawberry lemonade.

Fall brings a great apple harvest and all the great flavors we look forward to in Fall.  Two jams from our Fall harvest are Apple Pie Jam and Christmas Jam.

Apple Pie Jam - $6.00/8 oz jar  (Photo coming soon)

Ingredients:  Organic apples, organic sugar, lemon juice, Pomona pectin, cinnamon, allspice

We have found many recipes for Apple Pie Jam, and they all called for 9 cups of sugar for only 6 cups of apples.  We don't have to be math majors to know how wrong this is!  We believe there should never be more sugar than fruit, and in fact, there should never be as much sugar as fruit.

Great news, we did the alterations and now we can have our apple pie and eat it too, without all the extra sugar.

We also eliminated the typical pectin.  Instead we use Pomona's Pectin.  This type does not require large amounts of sugar in order to set a great jam.  It also is void of a lot of questionable ingredients that many other brands have - most of which are derived from highly GMO crops.  Pomona's website states it is made from dried citrus peels, not corn or apples, and it is GMO free.  More great news!

Christmas Jam - $6.50/8 oz. jar (Seasonal through December, while supplies last)

Ingredients: Cranberries, strawberries, orange slices, orange zest, cloves, cinnamon, sugar, Pomona's pectin, calcium water.

This recipe, originally an Amish recipe, has been adapted by others over the years.  We wanted to use less sugar and so this is our version of the original.

It makes a great jam for toast as well as toppings for desserts, such as cheesecake.

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